Wireless network disconnects are possibly the most infuriating thing ever

I don’t like wireless networks. Well, that’s not true. Wireless networks are actually great, what I don’t like is supporting wireless networks. There are approximately 900 causes than result in the same symptom: the network disconnecting. It’s surprisingly difficult to even start pinning down the reason, you just have to try things until it starts working again. And even the most stable of connections will just drop off sometimes – that’s just the way it is (once every couple of months is perfectly reasonable behaviour). As you may have gathered, I’m struggling with this at the moment. It seems to disconnect at all security levels, on all channels, with the latest router firmware and card drivers, and never when I’m around and watching. I’m close to replacing the hardware bit by bit, which isn’t a very sophisticated solution.

Ah well. Today was nevertheless good, as I saw a kingfisher. I like kingfishers 🙂