This whole leadership debacle is politics at its worst

“Take a Bow”, from Muse’s new album ‘Black Holes and Revelations’, begins with:

Corrupt, you corrupt, bring corruption to all that you touch.

Hold, you’ll behold, and behold and for all that you’ve done.

And spell, cast a spell, cast a spell on the country you run.

And risk, you will risk, you will risk all their lives and their souls.

And burn, you will burn,
You will burn in hell, yeah you’ll burn in hell.
You’ll burn in hell, yeah you’ll burn in hell for your sins.

Our freedom’s consuming itself.
What we’ve become is contrary to what we want.
Take a bow.

I listened to this yesterday and suddenly wondered whether it was political commentary about Tony Blair. I then decided I was reading way too much into things, and wondered why it had occurred to me. Perhaps because every news organisation in the country is blasting the same story 24/7? There’s apparently nothing else happening.

We’ve got ‘allies of Tony Blair’ making statements, we’ve got ‘sources close to Gordon Brown’ making statements. Just now Defence Minister Tom Watson resigned, saying that it’s no longer in the country’s interest for Tony Blair to stay. Letters flying around. Counter-statements from cabinet members. It’s filling the news, and it’s all utter crap.

If you want Tony Blair to go because of Iraq, say so. If you want time for a successor to take control, say so. If you think he’s a liability in the polls, say so. But all this crap about ‘it’s not in the country’s best interests’, or ‘uncertainty is making us nervous’ doesn’t mean anything. Why, exactly? How does not knowing when Tony Blair is going to quit make any difference to the workings of government?

There may well be reasons, but it’s not like this is all that important, is it? Sorry to lapse into cliche, but there are still starving children in the UK, aren’t there? There’s actual work to do, and all this makes it look like the politicians are far more obsessed with themselves. Because that wasn’t the stereotype already.

From the outside it seems like half the Labour party are trying to figure out who to ally themselves with before the next election. Nothing here is in the country’s best interests, it’s entirely self-centred politicking. Yes, it’s important that the party have debates over leadership, but it shouldn’t supersede everything else on the agenda – it’s far more necessary that that there be a leader out there and working. If you’re a defence minister, isn’t that quite an important job? Why the hell are you resigning over something so goddamn trivial? What good does that do anybody? Maybe if he spoke out he’d lose his job anyway, and if so that’s insane, but resigning? It’s like running the country comes second to playground games.

It seems like every political party is incapable of doing anything related to the leadership without this kind of nonsense. Can’t political parties run themselves better than local golf clubs? It’s boring, petty and demeaning, and I’d hoped Labour would be above it.