Sports Night

I am sad. A few months ago I got hold of the Sports Night DVD box set and I’ve been watching a 20-minute episode every lunchtime. This has been great, but I just watched the final episode, and now I’m sad. I feel like I’ve lost a bunch of friends.

Sports Night was a 1998 sitcom from West Wing creator/writer Aaron Sorkin, and it’s very similar in style to TWW (seasons 1-4, anyway). It has the same thoughtful plots, clever dialogue and likeable characters, as well as a fair few of the actors. It didn’t get the ratings the network wanted and was cancelled after 45 episodes, all of which are in the box set. It’s a shame it ended after only two series, as there are hints and beginnings of future plots throughout. I want more, dammit!

At least there’s Aaron Sorkin’s new drama, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which is due to start in the US this autumn. Definitely looking forward to that one.