Samuel L. Jackson on Snakes on a Plane on the Daily Show

Samuel L. Jackson on The Daily Show, promoting Snakes on a Plane. Many *many* bleeps.

For those who don’t know the story behind the clip, this time eight months ago the only information available was that there existed a film called ‘Snakes on a Plane’ that starred Samuel L. Jackson. From this it was decided on the blogosphere that, naturally, Samuel L. Jackson would say “Enough is enough, I’ve had it with these motherfu*kin snakes on this motherfu*kin plane”. For that is what Samuel L. Jackson does. In response the director went back for reshoots and added in the scene. I am so looking forward to seeing this film 🙂

I was highly entertained by the Snakes on a Plane voice messages you can send here. SLJ recorded a huge number of names and alternative phrases so you can send a reasonably personalised message.