Up and running

Phew. I didn’t really fix anything, I just reinstalled Windows and it worked this time. The only difference was my firewire drive, which I left plugged in during the install in case attaching it afterwards had caused driver confusion before. I haven’t yet dared plug in any of the USB devices which were causing crashes – think I’ll leave that until tomorrow.

I recently applied for another job at the local library, after unsuccessfully interviewing for a position back in April. I spoke to the lady in charge of job applications to check there was nothing from before that would cause them to reject me immediately, and was told there wasn’t. She did mention, though, that the new position would involve dealing with the children’s groups that come into the library. I had no problem with this, but figured my chances were probably slim. I had a letter this morning to say I didn’t even make the interview shortlist, which is a shame. Never mind.