Computer out of action

Haven’t been going on about it on the blog, but my computer has been a pain =
for the past few months. Many random crashes were eventually tracked down =
to usb devices not classified as human-interface-devices, but even =
replacing the built-in usb with a pci card didn’t help. XP can only stand =
so many freezes, though, and all sorts of things have been going wrong =
recently. After it keeled over this morning I finally relented and =
reinstalled Windows. Except that, as ever when I try that, it hasn’t worked =
properly. Everything went fine until I restarted the new installation, at =
which point it crashed to a looping restart on starting to load XP. No real =
idea what the problem could be; I hadn’t even installed any drivers yet. =
Best guess is some deteriorating hardware, but that’s a stretch. I got fed =
up eventually, I’ll take another look tomorrow. It’s odd having no internet =
access, but on the bright side the ironing’s done 🙂