Not very social

Bit of a failure this evening. I’d been invited to a party, but the friend I was going with pulled out this afternoon. I’ve never been very good by myself at that kind of thing, but I knew a few people from dancing would be there so headed over. There were lots of people I didn’t know and as ever I just felt stupid – I decided that was I was wearing looked silly, that I was conspicuously out of place, etc. One of the dancing guys did talk to me for a fair while, but I felt guilty that I was keeping him away from far more interesting people, and after an hour and a half my nerves got the better of me and I left. Everybody I knew was chatting and as I left I was too nervous to interrupt them, so they probably think I’m rude, too.

Not one of my better evenings. Oh well. Maybe I’ll try to catch the Perseids meteor shower later – it’s clear atm.