On the boat for a few days

Two days without blogging! I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

I’m away on Mum and Dad’s narrowboat for a few days. We’re currently on the Thames at Oxford, being passed by rowers with noisy coxes 🙂 This being Oxford I obeyed the Law of Visiting Blackwells, where upon asking for the location of a particular book was told ‘it’s on the shelf, next to his other books’ which was helpful 🙂 Still left with a few – damn shop has too many interesting things!

I’ll check emails once or twice a day via my phone. Google’s mobile gmail interface suspiciously doesn’t work via my (Orange) gprs connection, but pop3 is ok.

Update: Formatting fixed. Back in Stratford for the evening after a client’s internet connection went down and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong over the phone. I finally arrived there to find it had all started working again not long after the phone call (looks like it was just the adsl line going down for a few hours). Bitter? Me?