I saw Catwoman last night. I like to watch films that popular opinion says are terrible, and it’s rare that I don’t find something to enjoy1. Ok, I didn’t think it was all that great, but it was funny 🙂 Halle Berry sparkled throughout and delivered some truly awful lines remarkably well; I think the film could have really worked if the script had been, um, re-written.

For me the most bewildering part was the costume change. Her initial outing as Catwoman was in a perfectly reasonable, as costumes go, leather outfit – not quite so sadomasochistic as Tim Burton’s version, but something that looked vaguely practical for fighting crime. Then, for no apparent reason, it morphed into this. It was like somebody realised that here was an excuse to show off Ms Berry’s cleavage, and that became the primary aim. I didn’t even find it particularly sexy, but that’s obviously subjective.

Still, plot points ranging from the waiting-for-it-to-happen to the completely bizarre result in an interesting ride. Halle Berry’s performance alone makes it worth a look, imho, and it’s certainly good for a laugh 🙂

  1. the only real exception to this being Battlefield Earth, in which I could find nothing redeeming whatsoever 🙂 []