I booked the Snowdon hotel using – didn’t want to recommend it before I’d actually taken the trip, but it’s definitely the best hotel website I’ve used.

I needed to find a hotel with 2 singles, 1 twin and 1 double, and on most sites this was a nightmare. Most don’t support multiple rooms in one booking, few show you the price until before the very end of the process and the rest limit you to one hotel at a time, requiring you to go through the whole process multiple times. On the activehotels site you enter a rough area and the site will only display hotels that actually have room(s) available, as well as their respective prices. There’s also a decent amount of detail for each hotel, as well as reviews from other users of the site. Although you can’t specify room types from the outset, the hotel list shows you the actually available room types at each hotel, and their respective prices. Going to the hotel’s specific page lets you choose the number of rooms then go onto booking. And it all worked fine.

Sorry if this sounds like an advert, but given how tortuous the process can be I thought it was worth promoting.