Vetoing stem cell research

A blastocyst, from which embryonic stem cells are taken, is 0.1 – 0.2mm across – around the width of a human hair:

A baby

A baby:

A baby

Just saying.

There’s an excellent argument that the blastocysts used in stem cell research are due to be discarded anyway, but the problem with that is it’s secondary to the moral argument. I don’t think there is a moral argument, however. I see no definition by which a blastocyst counts as ‘alive’, and the potentiality argument is just ridiculous – you might as well say that people who decide not to have children are murderers. I’m not denying there’s a problem with deciding the point at which a baby begins, but I don’t see any reasonable way in which blastocysts are it. The Daily Kos article1 does a good job of explaining the science behind stem cell research.

  1. I didn’t directly steal their pics, btw, I went to Wikipedia to find equivalent images and found they’d done the same thing 🙂 []