Bizarre interpretations of overheard conversations

Does anybody else think the media’s coverage of the Blair/Bush chat is a bit odd? GWB swore! How awful! The weirdest part is the interpretation of Blair’s “if [Condi] goes out, she’s got to succeed, as it were, whereas I can just go out and talk”. He’s a poodle! He’s fawning to the US! He’s desperate for a legacy! He’s leaning over the chair like a servant! Give me a break. Did anybody else interpret it more charitably? Tony Blair has the power and the political skills to talk to the most important people and could achieve a great deal, but he wouldn’t insist on walking out with a resolution and glory. Sure you can interpret this as ‘he wants the white house to get all the glory’, but it seems more likely he’s just trying to get it sorted out. Not demanding personal gain in everything seems like a virtue to me, but I’m clearly in the minority.