Where’s the monkey news?

Is it me, or is everything a bit depressing at the moment?

  • MPs and the police are fighting over whether yesterday’s arrest of Lord Levy was ‘symbolic’. Reminds me of US police arresting Michael Jackson a few years ago and being forced to defend themselves against accusations of it being a smear campaign against MJ’s latest album. Because the police have nothing better to do than engage in symbolism and smear campaigns. Whichever way, one of the parties must be behaving ridiculously.
  • Israel’s doing its thing, and as ever there’s no hope of any kind of reasonable solution because it’s all such an insane historical mess.
  • There’s a huge amount of fuss over three bankers being extradited. I’m not saying whether I think it’s ok – I really have no clue – but I do wonder whether there’d be anything like as much fuss if the other party weren’t the US.

Good news? Well, Norway’s killed fewer whales than they intended.

I think I’ll just skip the news websites for the next few days.