It does seem that many, many people are afraid of clowns. Or at least they say so. Maybe it’s one of those things that people use to fill a gap. Whatever the reason, mention clowns in any social situation and it’s almost a guarantee somebody will say ‘they scare me’.

Trumpeting Clown

Quite like clowns, myself. Never been afraid of them, either. I would venture, in fact, that clowns are cool.

I always wanted to make a short film in which a policeman pulls over a driver who turns out to be a clown in full costume. The policeman sees the oversize shoes and demands the clown drive around a test track to prove he can handle a car. The clown does this with aplomb, gets out, and the car completely falls apart, leaving the policeman sitting in a chair holding an unsupported steering wheel. Seemed funny in my head, anyway.