Free Shakespeare

I imagine that most people would not describe today as ‘good’. Although I’d think switching over from the football to see Andy Murray defeat Andy Roddick would have taken the edge off. Still, I almost feel bad to say that I had a truly excellent day.

I was interested to see the types of people walking around during the football. It was a perfect summer’s Saturday, almost identical to the day of the Paraguay game a couple of weeks ago. There were far fewer people around this time, which I guess was due to the importance of the match. There were a few older people, but it mainly seemed to be younger couples walking around, surprisingly. The recreation ground would normally be heaving on such a lovely day, but was almost empty.

I was nearly home when I heard something going on by the river. I wandered across and discovered a free performance of Hamlet, put on by the Gloucestershire Young Shakespeare (Group/Company/Something), all of whom were, I’d say, 12-15 years old:

Free Hamlet - 2

I studied Hamlet for A-level but have never seen a proper performance, so figured I’d watch for a few minutes. It was cool. I arrived just before the death of Polonius, always a fun bit, and became hooked, took a seat and watched until the end. I was impressed.

Free Hamlet - 3

They all knew their dialogue very well, which in a three hour play is quite something. The acting wasn’t bad – Ophelia was particularly good – and scene transitions were smoothly handled. People in boats were slowing down to watch the performance:

Free Hamlet - 5

I was hoping that Ophelia would actually walk into the river – there was even a willow! – but she didn’t 🙂

Not often you get such good entertainment for free! I headed home and it was then off to a ball, but I’ll put that into another post…