A Surprising Dance Evening

This evening I went to a ball organised by the Midlands Amateur Dance Something, which took place at Stratford’s Civic Hall. I normally drive 15 miles for dancing lessons, so it’s pleasing when there’s an event within walking distance of home 🙂 I went to the February evening, and it’s mainly a social dance. They play the standard modern ballroom and latin, plus a few sequence dances. There’s also a competition for amateurs.

My normal dance partner Lynsey wasn’t there, but happily I found myself feeling very comfortable, and relaxed immediately. Yay! I danced mainly with a lovely girl named Julie, and we entered the competition, which this time was a cha-cha. There were around fourteen other couples, and we entered just for fun. The man in each couple wears a number, the judges mark the couples and the top six are sent through to the second round. So Julie and I did our standard routine, with me trying very hard to break my bad habit of looking at the floor, and sat down, expecting nothing.

Then came a demonstration, which this time was an all-girl group of young disco dancers. They leapt and spun and contorted, and were very impressive. Given some of the expressions I think a few of the older men (Julie and I were probably 30 years below the average age, if not more) were unimpressed, and a guy next to us spent the whole show reading his magazine. The phrase ‘miserable old gits’ sprang to mind.

The compere then read out the numbers of the dancers through to the second round, and the final one was ours! I couldn’t believe it, but had only a couple of seconds to take it in before being ushered onto the dance floor. We went through the routine once more, somewhat surprised, and I fully expected to some sixth. A couple of minutes later and the results were announced in reverse order. We came fourth! I was amazed, but chuffed. We received a slightly odd plaque thing and had our photos taken with the other winners. I must see if I can get hold of a copy.

Ten minutes later I won a teddy in the raffle; he was quickly named Cha-Cha the Bear and took pride of place in the centre of our table.

Even excluding the competition it was a great evening. Julie and I picked up the Rumba One and Sennasometingcan’tremember cha-cha sequence dances by following the others. There was also a saunter together in very fast Scottish style, which was something new. I only sat out for the slow foxtrot, which I still can’t seem to do for more than one iteration, and am now rather tired! Overall, I had an excellent time, and am still chuffed about the competition 🙂