First attempt at night photography

Yesterday evening I decided to take some night shots of the theatre, so took a walk with my camera and tripod. I’d never tried serious night photography with a tripod before, preferring to balance on nearby stable surfaces while attempting to hold the camera still for multiple seconds, which rarely works. I didn’t know whether I should be nervous about walking around at 2200 with a camera, but hoped I was just being paranoid. Happily, it was fine.

I left a little too late to capture the theatre at its best – the riverside restaurant was closed so the prettier lights were turned off – so took a couple of shots of a nicely lit cafe on the far side of the river instead. I felt silly for a minute before deciding that was ridiculous – what’s wrong with taking pictures? I started to head home and nearly crossed the main bridge before deciding it would be good experience to try photographing the theatre anyway. The shots turned out better than I’d expected, and I’d forgotten that very dark skies turn blue on long exposures:

RST at Night - 4

RST at Night - 1

I wandered around for another twenty minutes, taking shots of the basin and the front of the theatre. Was cool – I enjoyed it.

Boat Hire

Stratford canal at night

My tripod is a £25 Dixons model that I picked up during my A-levels, and is very, very bad. The head doesn’t turn smoothly, and often I’ll try to tighten it into a position only to to have it shift into its own alignment. I’ll have to replace it at some point, but it’s better than nothing. I’ll try to take it with me more often, or at least leave it in the car.