Busy Saturday

Today was busy, but good fun. I headed down to Oxford to see old chums Ben and Nod. Nod, incidentally, is now known as B.A. Maracas after strutting a groovy rhythm with a pocketed packet of tic-tacs. It was good to catch up. We wandered around for a while and grabbed some lunch, and it was most pleasant. It’s actually illegal to visit that town without popping into Blackwells Bookshop, although I somehow managed to resist buying anything. I’m sorry to be such a man, but walking around Oxford during the height of summer is quite the thing. I don’t ogle or anything, but it’s hard not to be distracted sometimes…

Then at six o’clock it was back to Stratford to grab some good and quickly get changed for a ball run by my dancing teachers. I arrived an hour late, but was in time for the second round of all the major dances. It was a little strange to be on my own, but plenty of people were happy to dance with me, which was nice. The jive nearly killed me, mind, but then it always does 🙂

Tomorrow should be a little more relaxed. There’s a 7.5 mile build-your-own-raft race ending at Stratford basin, although I simply cannot find any kind of timings other than ‘the afternoon’. I’ll try to take some photos.