How best to smite a zombie

After a few months of intense data collection, the results are in. 24% of voting visitors have no MP3 player, while 32% have an iPod and 43% a non-iPod. My blog is available to the entire world, except China and libraries, therefore these results can be extrapolated to the entire world except China and libraries.

Now, onto more pressing questions. What’s your preferred method of zombie disposal? It’s a menace we all face at one point or another, so it’s good to have a plan. You can (tentatively) add your own answers to this poll. I was going to add ‘cross’, until I realised he obviously wasn’t a zombie at that point, and that it wouldn’t work on zombies anyway. That’s what you get for trying to be too clever. So I’ll remove that if anybody adds it. Similarly: jam sandwiches.