The Feeling’s Twelve Stops and Home

The free snippets convinced me to pick up The Feeling‘s album: Twelve Stops and Home, and I’m really enjoying it. I think it’s great happy summer music, and I like the lead singer’s voice. There are all sorts of interesting musical moments, especially when you listen through headphones.

I bought Dad a very old-fashioned physical copy for Father’s Day, and discovered yesterday that it has a hidden extra track. The final song on the album is very long, and a new song turns up a minute or so after you think the CD has ended. This isn’t the case on the iTunes version, which is a shame. Given that there are two songs on one track it seems iTunes must have chopped it up manually, possibly because of their 79p-per-track policy, and it’s disappointing that the extra song isn’t available at all.

Still, the available tracks are a great sound, imho. Recommended by me 🙂