My photos in Schmap city guides

Schmap offer free, downloadable city guides. They include suggested tours, links to accommodation, shopping, attractions etc., all based around a google-maps like representation of the area. They accompany the text with photographs wherever possible, and a fair few seem to come from Flickr. A few of my shots have been included, and they’ve a neat system to request permission.

They send a polite message via FlickrMail that explains the idea behind Schmap guides and asks whether you’re happy for them to include specific photographs. You’re then sent to a page on the Schmap website at which you can grant permission for photographs on an individual basis, without having to register or otherwise give them all your details. If they decide to go ahead with your photo it’s credited to a username of your choosing, and the image links to its Flickr page. You’re then sent another message when the guide is published. The whole process seems to work well.

There’s one photo of mine in the Los Angeles guide and four in the Stratford-upon-Avon guide, plus another in the pipeline.

I think this is really cool, and it’s exactly why I publish everything I do under a creative commons license.