Bits and Pieces

I was very glad for the break in the weather today. I don’t want to complain about the sunshine, but over the weekend my flat was a kiln. Although marginally cooler outside, opening all the windows did nothing at all; thermodynamics is therefore a pack of lies.

There’s a new beta of Google Earth out, with a revamped interface and support for textured 3D buildings with textures (via a new version of SketchUp). This builds upon GE’s massive imagery upgrade last week. The beta is a little slow for me, although obviously your mileage may vary.

24’s running times may, it seems, be partly determined by the font of the advert-break clock.

Skuds spotted a 10-foot unicycle chained to a lamp-post.

Has anybody else picked up the new Keane album? It seems very different from their first and not particularly my style, to be honest. I’m hoping it’ll grow on me – it only came out on Monday, after all.

Tom Morris has a good post that mentions the abysmal state of education when it comes to technology and IT. Why are spreadsheets and databases the most exciting things we learn about at school?

I don’t like the complete credulity in this article on John the Baptist’s hand:

Vladimir Mastukov, a pensioner who lost the use of his legs after a stroke five years ago, bent down to kiss a display case housing the hand. Moments later he cast aside his crutches and skipped out of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in central Moscow.

“Skipped”. Yeah, of course he did. Either there’s information missing, it was a con, or the whole thing is a lie. What the hell is the Telegraph doing publishing such crap? Have they been watching too much Fox News?

Speaking of Fox News, this clip of their presenter going ballistic at a rather despicable anti-gay zealot demonstrates…something.

Finally, the Astronomy Picture of the Day is a sun-halo. I saw one of these when I was in Australia, nine years ago now, and this is the first decent explanation I’ve read.