Sound thinking

I took the guitar effects pedal to my guitar lesson on Tuesday, and had rather a surprise. When plugged into my teacher’s system, it sounded good. He has a serious amplifier, high quality cables and far more expensive guitars, but I was still taken aback. My own system seems to get overwhelmed on many of the preset sounds, resulting in a whooshing noise that quickly overpowers any tune/chords. At least, that was what I thought.

I mentioned it to my teacher and he asked whether the amplifier has a ‘phaser’ effect. It does, I said, but it’s disabled. Upon closer examination, however, the knob controlling the phaser effect turned out to be ever-so-slightly turned. Disabling it entirely was a revelation. The whooshing is completely gone and suddenly things sound much, much better. The sound, whether pure or distorted, is far clearer. It’s like a whole new box.

Am bemused that it took me two weeks to find this out, but happy that it’s now working so well! If there’s anything my guitar teacher doesn’t know about guitars and related equipment, I have yet to discover it 🙂