Weekend in London

I headed down to London on Saturday afternoon for Paul’s meetup. Paul, Andrew, Tim and Malcolm were there, and with Tim being an avowed convervative amongst at least three Labour supporters the conversation was fast and furious. Much of the talk of politics, particularly the historical aspects, went way over my head, but it’s always interesting to observe knowledgeable people disagree. It was a good evening – thanks for arranging it, Paul!

I met up with my uncle and stayed at his place, then on Sunday we headed into Richmond where he was meeting some friends. For some reason I was in full social-leper mode and declined the invitation to go with him, instead heading off on my own. It was a lovely day and I wandered down to the river:

A Sunny Sunday in Richmond

I wasn’t in the cheeriest frame of mind to begin with, and was fairly down for a while. The world seemed to be full of beautiful people enjoying the sun, and the men were intimidating while the women made me feel ashamed. I eventually realised this was probably due to being hungry, and after finding a tree to sit under I ate a baguette and felt better.

The green in the centre of Richmond was full of people, but at midday it was too contrasty to photograph well, so in a spare minute I tried some hand-held shots for an HDR effect. The processed image isn’t great technically but I think it does a decent job of capturing the light as it appeared to the eye:

HDR shot of Richmond Park

My uncle and I later walked along the river to Kew Gardens, where it promptly started raining.

Overall, a fun weekend. I even managed to walk around a comic shop without buying anything, which for me is quite the feat 🙂