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Lady River Mouse

I like interesting narrowboat names. Granny Buttons spotted a nice one: Lady River Mouse. It’s an anagram…


  1. Any clues to the anagram then?

  2. It’s three words…

  3. This isn’t Give Us A Clue you know.

    Is one of the words, vole?

  4. Thanks for picking up my post.
    As Rolf Harris might say: “Have yer guessed what it is yet?”
    Clue: All the guy on the boat ever wanted to do was retire and cruise the waterways!

  5. Very Soul Dream?

    Anyone want to tell me, I’m bored now.

  6. Getting there. The last word is ‘dreams’

  7. I think I watch Countdown too much… ;)

  8. raymond harvey

    Livey our dreams (another anagram?)

  9. You River Damsel
    You Silver Dream

  10. Hi,

    Lady River Mouse is our boat; a 50ft cruiser style narrowboat.

    My partner Jo chose the name based on an anagram of a common thought of ours – ‘Live your dreams’.
    The picture on the side, Beatrix Potter style mouse , adds to the theme.

    The boat is now for sale (T 01869 347229!!)

    We are buying a new boat – any ideas for a name?


  11. Found a boat called FOWALUA Not an anagram, more an acronym – Any ideas??

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