Surprise Call

For the last couple of months my favourite podcast has Penn Jillette’s US radio show. He’s the vocal half of Penn and Teller, and a raving atheist skeptic, so you can see the appeal 🙂

He’s on a station that allows him to fully express his opinions – even if he can’t say the name of his TV show – and he always takes advantage of this. I enjoy listening to his rants, and have had my mind changed on a few issues by listening to his normally well-constructed arguments (for some weird reason I was against 63-year-old mothers at first. I repented.)

The show I listened to today had a wonderful radio moment, which I’ve extracted. He’s in the middle of a justified rant at the Guardian over this article, when there’s a caller…I think it’s better when you don’t know what’s coming. Here’s the clip.

He knew she was in hospital, but had been assured there was more than enough time to do the radio show before the big event.

I am impressed with the coolness of his wife – not only did she phone the radio show instead of his mobile phone, but over the next 20mins she was texting in her current dilation 🙂 Penn was on the phone from the car while driving, and they fed him the best traffic routes.

Entertained me, anyway. The whole 45minute long show is apparently not on the website any more, but is probably still available in the RSS feed (iTunes link). It’s the May 22nd edition, anyway.