X-Men: The Last Stand

I was invited to see X-Men: The Last Stand this evening. I really enjoyed the first two, but with a new writer/director (Bryan Singer left to direct Superman Returns) picking up the pieces, I was nervous that it might be disappointing.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I think the films make a fine trilogy. Superhero flicks are very difficult to pull off, as there’s a very fine line between being too serious and too silly1. I think it was managed in this case through thoughtful scripts, good actors and only subtle nods to the (many) inherent allegories of the story. They created superheroes with whom you could identify. Great stuff.

By the way: whether you see it at the cinema or on DVD, you’ll be wanting to stay until the end of the credits.

  1. if you’re thinking that superhero films must be silly in the first place, you’re not the intended audience šŸ™‚ I’d recommend you give them a try, however! []