Revealing The Truth

There were Alpha Course postcards outside yesterday’s Da Vinci Code screening. The course describes itself as “a practical introduction to the Christian faith”, with a main headline saying “The Da Vinci Code. What is the truth?”. I’d so love to be at that meeting.

Speaker: So, you see, Jesus did not have a wife, nor children.
Me: Oh. All right, then.
Speaker: We all live through Jesus, who rose from the dead for our salvation.
Me: Woah. Hang on a moment. Rose from the dead?
Speaker: Yes.
Me: How is that not more ridiculous than saying he had kids?
Speaker: The Bible says it is true.
Me: The Da Vinci Code says he had kids. What’s the difference?
Speaker: The Bible is true.
Me: You can’t just say that and expect me to believe it. Where’s your evidence?
Speaker: The Bible is evidence. The Bible tells us that our lord Jesus was born to a virgin, and…
Me: What?!
Speaker: His mother was a virgin.
Me: That’s just stupid. I’m leaving now.
Speaker: You can’t say that! You must respect my religion!

The whole meeting would be one big irony 🙂