I verb

Originally spotted at Rullsenberg Rules, this should have been quick and easy. Hours, it took. Nobody tagged me, so I guess you could call it masturbatory memeing:

I am wondering why anybody would drink cider from a lemon

I want to attend a friend’s wedding. Nobody’s even engaged as yet, so it could be a long wait.

I wish ironing wasn’t so bloody dull

I hate cynicism

I love the happiness of the first few repititions of a really great song

I miss having somebody there

I fear getting depressed

I hear Embrace’s ‘Ashes’, right now. Is cool.

I wonder why people hate Heather Mills McCartney so much

I regret not doing a better job on my secondary school yearbook, which I edited

I am not very good at face-to-face debate

I dance the first foxtrot weave without a problem, then fail spectacularly at the second, which involves the exact same steps with a different intro

I sing when washing up, then remember I’m standing in front of a window

I cry at the briefest moment of selfless heroism. Really. Don’t come see United 93 with me.

I make really bad mashed potato.

I write because, as somebody I’ve forgotten said, it’s the only time I don’t feel like I should be doing something else

I confuse bonobos, chimps, gibbons, etc. The names, you understand. I don’t just go around confusing gibbons. Well, sometimes.

I need to keep my flat tidy, or I get all stressed about it

I should join some local social group

I start many computer games

I finish few computer games

I tag Lil, Jo, Skuds and Paul