Two Great Minds

This afternoon I finally listened to the Stephen Fry / Christopher Hitchens debate on blasphemy and religious tolerance. It’s 1hr 20mins, but I’d say it’s definitely worth the time. It’s not so much of a debate as the participants only really differ on the extent to which they would fight back, but the points they make are, as you’d expect, intelligent and well articulated. The sheer level of knowledge between the pair of them is something to behold.

An MP3 of the full recording can be found here, but hopefully nobody will mind if I split the last few minutes into a separate file. The audience were allowed to ask questions at the end, and somebody raised the old argument that without religion there is only an ‘atomistic reductivist society’. There is no virtue in the claim, no matter how eleganty phrased, that without religion there is no beauty or wonder. It has been dismantled by greats such as Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman, but Stephen Fry’s response is quite something. The 2.8mb 6-minute MP3 is here.