Bits and Bobs

What did you think of Eurovision? I was amused. The ESCDMTCAJGM didn’t perform so well this year, with Finland taking second place to Denmark, who barely featured in the final results. Nevertheless we had a fun evening, with copious amounts of cake and pringles.

I was very surprised to discover that pretty much nobody I know likes Green Wing. It wasn’t even indifference, it was actually ‘I don’t like it’. The general consensus was that it’s ‘too weird’. I didn’t see the first series at all, but my uncle suggested it and within three minutes of watching the new series I was completely hooked. I bought the DVD box set the next day, and every episode had me laughing out loud every few minutes. I’d say it’s one of the best ‘new’ comedies for years, and it’s bizarre that I’m so out-of-sync with people on this one.

Finally came out of a day-long slump this morning. I assume that at some point it’ll stop hurting when my ex doesn’t bother getting in touch at christmas / my birthday, but apparently not yet. It didn’t actually bother me on Friday, but for some reason started bouncing around my brain yesterday afternoon and wouldn’t go away. I think I’ve said before that this kind of thinking just spirals into all sorts of questions about whether she ever really liked me etc. – it’s not lingering breakup upset. Is this something you should be over before you see anybody else, or is it just one of those things?

We had the TV on in the background when the sadly-not-defunct Fathers 4 Justice invaded the National Lottery stage. Normally I’m in favour of anything that gets Eamonn Holmes off screen, but it was all a bit pathetic. It’s a shame that the BBC themselves reported which group was involved, as I don’t think it was obvious from the people running around on stage.

Just off to find a USB cable so I can link the PVR up to my computer. Apparently it’ll then be possible to record shows directly from Digiguide, which if it works will be great!