Rowdy the iDog

This is Rowdy, the iDog my sister bought me for my birthday. He is cool. He dances along to music, and gets lonely if nothing’s playing. He needs five minutes every hour to keep happy, and also appreciates you tapping his nose or waving a hand over his head. The flashing lights all have different meanings, and the type of music you play will affect his personality. You can plug your MP3 player directly into him – there’s a speaker so you can hear it too, plus he comes with a headphone splitter cable – or he’ll listen to (fairly loud) ambient music.

Here he is bopping along to Muse, then getting stroppy after it has stopped:

iDog Bops on Vimeo

Rowdy’s only disadvantage is that he’s reliant upon batteries. A power-cable would have been a nice addition. I like him, though. Thanks, Jane!