The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is released this weekend (my birthday, actually, but pointing that out would be transparent). Here’s what I’m meant to say:

Of course, the book was complete crap. It’s badly written and has a ridiculous story. Dan Brown is a hack who just rips off other people’s ideas. The film will be the worst kind of mainstream commercialist nonsense, directed by the king of all sentimental toss, Ron Howard. I shall be staying away, and I will laugh at anybody who doesn’t.

Except, I don’t think any of that.

I rather enjoyed The Da Vinci Code. I did, and still do, think it’s a great adventure story. People can and do slag off the writing style, while failing to mention that the level of tension created was really quite impressive (tension’s probably manipulative, or something). The way in which the plot unfolded made me feel intelligent. I cared about the characters. I didn’t see where the story was going. I liked the breakneck pace. Is it all based on truth? Who cares! Is it startlingly original? Who cares! It was, quite simply, great fun to read.

I like Ron Howard, too. He has a way of drawing me into his films, and I invariably become completely engrossed. I liked Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Ransom, The Missing, EdTV, Parenthood, Willow and Splash. I was amazed to discover how much people like to criticise him.

The religious backlash to the film is nothing compared to the snide comments I’ve seen all over the net for the past six months, and it’s all a bit unnecessary. Maybe I don’t think on the same plane as everybody else, but chances are I’ll be in the cinema this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be having a good time.