Gaming Technique

I’ve never played with consoles particularly, but I’ve noticed that many people who do have an…interesting…style. When in a tricky situation they’ll eschew pressing buttons on the gamepad in favour of the wave-the-whole-thing-around-in-space technique. Need to turn left faster than is possible with the analogue joystick? No problem: move the entire gamepad as far away as possible, preferably while leaning in that direction. Although I invariably lose when playing anything on consoles, I contend myself with my dignified, albeit ultimately pants, performance 🙂

Unfortunately, the new console from Nintendo apparently has controller sensors to detect position, velocity and tilt. Dammit!1

However I can still maintain a somewhat puerile superiority, given that anybody owning such a device will have a large box in their lounge boldly displaying the phrase “Nintendo Wii“.

  1. Actually, the new controller is apparently quite different from previous incarnations and can be used for swordfights! I’m ignoring this for the sake of winding people up. []