Superman = Jesus

It’s mean to mock. However, this is just too funny. I was unaware that Superman: The Movie is actually a retelling of the Bible:

Superman comes from the planet Krypton -which sounds like “Tikkum olam” a Hebrew concept of restoring the world’s wrongs.

There is no mention of the death of Jesus’ stepfather in the Bible. However, scholars agree that Joseph probably died when Jesus was a youth because we have no mention of him in the later years. [Both of Superman’s fathers died, you see].

Jesus died on a cross. Today believers wear crosses around their necks. And so it was in Superman, except the cross around Superman’s neck was Kryptonite.

In order to raise Lois Lane from her tomb, Superman has to alter time, which he accomplishes by spinning around the earth reversing the rotation of the earth. He succeeds in reversing time. Time is measured BC and AD. Christ altered time too.

What more proof do you need?