Dance Weekend

I’m off to a hotel in Symonds Yat this afternoon, for a dancing weekend. The hotel has a ballroom, and there’ll be two evening dances and a learning session. Tonight’s dance is ‘smart casual’, which I like, while tomorrow’s is ‘smart: jacket and tie, with dinner jacket optional’, which is silly. It’s not just that I find ties ridiculous, it’s that everybody removes their ties & jackets after 20mins so it becomes ‘smart casual’ anyway – I don’t get it. If I must wear a tie it’s damn well going to be something interesting, so I picked one up at the local Oxfam this morning. They often have Disney/Warner Bros. characters, but today I had to contend myself with cute little piggies. I wonder whether I’d have the nerve to wear this one…Possibly not, although this would be fine.

I went on a similar weekend last autumn, and it was challenging. One of those occasions that’s enjoyable in hindsight, but at the time my standard social anxiety got the better of me. I’m pretty worried about this weekend. I can never think of anything to say, and it normally doesn’t take long to convince myself that nobody in the group likes me. I don’t want to annoy my dance partner by being withdrawn, either. I do enjoy the dancing, though. Ah well, hopefully it’ll be ok.

We’re again meeting up with another dance group. They’ve had an extra year of practice, and last time some of them – probably only a small number, to be fair – were surprisingly snobby about it. There are a couple of stories about this, but I’m not 100% sure of the facts so won’t say anything. At one point we were quickly taught the mayfair quickstep1, then told to partner somebody from the other group. They’d done it before and had it smooth, but I struggled with one of the turns. At the end my partner stopped, looked at me and said “well, that was different” before wandering off, looking unimpressed. Nice lady.

Back on Sunday – hope you have a great weekend!

  1. the accompanying videos make me laugh []