Lost season two

Warning: Do not look up the Hanso Foundation if you want to avoid spoilers for the new series of Lost. I don’t know quite why the weird adverts were there, but the slightest google search reveals a great deal of information you probably won’t want.

I’m very impressed with Lost. I thought the first two episodes of the new series maintained the previous high standards, while ratcheting up the intrigue and tension. Trying to figure out the plot isn’t really possible, imho – I’m just enjoying the ride. My only worry is that, with ABC now streaming new episodes over the Internet (with adverts), plus cheap iTunes sales – at least in the US – I’m dubious about my ability to avoid spoilers. Still, I can but try.

Update: A commenter has reminded me of the weird adverts for the Hadro Foundation(??) during the show. At least one of them was directly before the end of the ad-break, which I think is a slot reserved for ads for other shows, so maybe it’s a C4 thing? Wish I could remember the exact name…

Also, channel4.com have Series One available for online viewing. The pilot episode is free, but the others are 99p. Still, cheaper than buying the DVD set.

Update Two: Right, it’s ‘The Hanso Foundation’. Do not look it up. It reveals major spoilers for the rest of the series. I saw somebody claim that the adverts were from BT. Wankers.