The UN nuclear committee today said that Iran has failed to halt uranium enrichment programmes. This is a country run by a psychotic who wants to wipe Israel of the face of the Earth, while preparing for the coming of the 12th imam. Also, 3 million people in Darfur are on the brink of starvation, yet today the UN halved food rations because of a lack of funds. The rations before were pretty much the minimum level needed for survival. The UK and the EU have provided very little, with the major donations coming from the US. It’s hard to see it as anything but a massive failure by the international community.

You’d think these would be pressing issues, but the main story on the news is the shocking revelation that some prisoners re-offend after release. A massive five people, from 1000 who should have been deported, reoffended. Five! The end of civilisation as we know it, clearly. The BBC correspondent is currently saying that the government has “failed to protect the public”. Could we possibly get some perspective? Sure prisoner release was a mistake, but it wasn’t malicious, and is it actually all that important? I appreciate that those who suffered violence at the hands of those released may feel otherwise, but on a national/international scale, aren’t there far worse things requiring public attention? It’s not that I’m blindly defending Labour, I just really don’t understand the fuss over this issue.