New Star Trek Movie?

Interesting Star Trek news today

JJ Abrams, creator of TV show Lost and director of Mission Impossible III, is to produce and direct the 11th Star Trek film.

The film, produced by Paramount and set for release in 2008, will focus on the early days of Captain James T Kirk and Mr Spock.

The as-yet-untitled feature will tell of their first meeting at Starfleet Academy and first outer space mission.

JJ Abrams is cool. He wrote Armageddon, which I still think is one of the most entertaining action films ever made, as well as the tv show Alias, and created Lost. His take on Star Trek would certainly be interesting. The whole article raises a big question that isn’t addressed, though. How are you going to show Kirk and Spock as youngsters? Use different actors? I guess that could work, but it seems a strange thing to do when Shatner and Nimoy are still alive…

There’s also this interesting titbit:

Earlier this year, Next Generation star Patrick Stewart told ITV1’s This Morning there was “interest in bringing the Next Generation cast together with actors from different Star Trek series”.

That’d be great 🙂 I always disagree with people regarding the modern Star Trek films. I thought Generations was great, but First Contact did nothing for me. I found Insurrection a bit snide, but Nemesis was fantastic fun – Troi actually did something useful! To be honest, though, I’d pay to watch the Next Generation crew eat sponges, and anything that gets them back on the screen is fine with me.