Crappy Weekend

I let myself get too hopeful about a romantic possibility over the last couple of months. We became friends over the Internet last year, and then met in New York in March. We were never a proper couple or anything, but I started to think that was a possibility. Although the day in NYC was great, this Sunday she told me that the distance issue was insuperable, and that she’s started seeing somebody else. That’s entirely reasonable of her, but it makes me very sad. She was really one in a million. I hope she finds happiness, though, and I thank her for the great time I had.

It was a friend’s birthday party on Saturday evening, but I pulled out when I discovered my ex-girlfriend would be there. Being around her just makes me angry, which is actually quite unusual. I don’t do angry with people, I reserve it for inanimate objects and operating systems. It’s not that she left me – it was a long time ago, and happily I’m over that – it’s the remarkably unpleasant way she’s behaved since. I honestly don’t think I deserve it, and I’m astonished that she’s even capable of it. As a consequence, whenever I see her I begin to wonder whether the whole relationship was a big lie, which doesn’t accomplish anything other than wrecking a night’s sleep. So I avoid her whenever possible 🙂 It did, though, result in my not seeing anybody or doing anything for three days, as well as pissing off people who were expecting me to be at the party.

So, it was an all round crappy weekend1. I’m in the very fortunate position of being able to escape, so I’m going to join Mum and Dad on the narrowboat for a bit. Large numbers of locks, plus the inevitable downpours, will hopefully take my mind off things for a while. Later this week we’ll be heading into Little Venice – the canal basins of Paddington – which should be interesting.

Not sure when I’m back, but likely the weekend.

  1. I know plenty of people have it far worse, but this is a blog, dammit []