Taking on The Doctor

You’d expect the first episode of Doctor Who’s second series to be all about the new Doctor. David Tennant was passed out for much of the christmas special, and this was the first chance to see him in costume and at full power. So, this should have been his day. But did anybody else think Billie Piper completely stole the show? Body-swapping is often a painful sci-fi premise to watch, as few actors can pull it off convincingly, but she did a remarkable job. I’d no real idea whether she could act or not, having only ever seen her in the one type of role, but it’s easy to see why she won the part. He was pretty good too, imho – ‘still got it’ was one of many lines which made me laugh out loud.

The BBC are putting mp3 episode commentaries online, as a matter of interest. I think the sci-fi channel started this trend with Battlestar Galactica, and it’s a neat idea.