Comedy Central censored South Park

South Park’s follow-up episode aired this week. The preceeding show had ended with a challenge to Comedy Central to allow an image of Mohammed to be broadcast on the network. Unfortunately Comedy Central refused, and a clip of Mohammed standing in a doorway was blanked out in this week’s show. Within the plot, however, the image was broadcast on US tv while the vast majority of US citizens had their heads buried in sand. This happened after a heartfelt plea from Kyle to the head of the network, who at one point he called ‘Doug’, a direct reference to the head of Comedy Central. Al-Qaeda’s immediate reaction was to broadcast a cartoon of their own, in which Jesus and George W. Bush, amongst others, bounced around the screen crapping on each other and everything in sight, including a US flag. Comedy Central had no problem with this being broadcast, which sums up the whole ridiculous situation.

Mohammed has actually previously been depicted in South Park, but pre 9/11. It turns out that an image of Mohammed has been visible within the quick-fire South Park credits since the beginning of season 10, which is very funny indeed.

Isn’t it ridiculous that with all the vast might of the US media, it takes a cartoon in its 10th series to point out the obvious? I particularly liked the scene of the latest episode in which the assembled press quizzed GWB on this bizarre law known as ‘the first amendment’. GWB is portrayed as more intelligent than the reporters, in contrast to his usual depiction in the show, which probably shows how much the writers think of the media.

The episode can be downloaded over BitTorrent from here.