The best option


One of the ads I saw on Tim’s site while reading this is for the “digital” version of the Guardian which seems to be a sort of online facsimile of the printed edition that you can browse for a fee. Yes, it includes the photos and layout, but for many of us it lacks an essential part of the appeal of the paper version: the option to throw it (three-or-four times a day) into the far corner of the room in which you are reading it, shouting, “Fuck off!”

The Guardian:

Of all the provocative passages in Catharine MacKinnon’s new book Are Women Human? the following hit me hardest. She writes: “[T]he fact that the law of rape protects rapists and is written from their point of view to guarantee impunity for most rapes is officially regarded as a violation of the law of sex equality, national or international, by virtually nobody.”

Are you suggesting that rape law enshrines rapists’ points of view, I ask MacKinnon? “Yes, in a couple of senses. The most obvious sense is that most rapists are men and most legislators are men and most judges are men and the law of rape was created when women weren’t even allowed to vote. So that means not that all the people who wrote it were rapists, but that they are a member of the group who do [rape] and who do for reasons that they share in common even with those who don’t, namely masculinity and their identification with masculine norms and in particular being the people who initiate sex and being the people who socially experience themselves as being affirmed by aggressive initiation of sexual interaction.”

Damian speaks the truth.