So near

The local library are looking for an assistant to help people with the computers, and I’ve been trying to apply. The library is within walking distance, and as I’d prefer something public-service related this seems like the perfect part-time job for me. The newspaper advert says that it’s possible to apply online, and the website has a pretty clever setup. Recent job availability is listed, and each vacancy leads to a series of forms that together complete the application. It’s even possible to save drafts. The application deadline is the 7th April, and I’ve spent the last four days or so filling in all my details (it was surprisingly difficult to remember which GCSEs went with which grades) and deciding on which people to put down for references etc.

This evening I came to submit the application, and it didn’t work. It seems that the website only carries job vacancies posted in the last four days, so mine dropped off the list a while back, but I didn’t realise this as I had a draft saved. As such, it’s impossible to apply online any more. This is pretty weird. I don’t particularly mind, it’s just that I’m not sure how good it’ll look to turn up at the library on the final day and ask what I should do. Still, needs must.