It’s tough being a Sri Lankan buddhist

The time zones in Sri Lanka are all messed up, people are trying to fix it, and this makes some Buddhists happy:

Some of the country’s Buddhist clergy are rejoicing at the prospect of a change because they say Sri Lanka’s “old” time fitted better with their rituals.

They believe a decade living in the “wrong” time has upset the country’s natural order with terrible effect.

So far, so ho hum.

The Venerable Gnanawimala says the change moved the country to a spiritual plane 500 miles east of where it should be.

It must be so annoying when you’re happy and comfy on your spiritual plane, then have to up sticks and move. I bet you never find that remote control. I feel for them. Sri Lanka’s Minister of Enterprise and Development, Rohitha Bogollagama, explains their problems:

“Our clergy finds it extremely difficult to adjust themselves because the society is different from the time zone they are believing in.”

I like that time zones are now a matter of ‘belief’. It must indeed to difficult to adjust. I have similar problems when I decide to believe that my light bulbs can be replaced with sausages.

Incidentally, how do you get time zones on a spiritual plane? Does the sun orbit around it?

The article also has a picture of Sri-Lankan resident Arthur C. Clarke wearing a t-shirt that says ‘I invented the satellite and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”. That is brilliant. Via BoingBoing.