Two Useful Plugins

A couple of WordPress plugins I’ve found very useful recently:

The Flickr Album plugin creates a very attractive page displaying photos from a Flickr account, but I actually think its additional feature of adding photos to the Write page for easy insertion into posts is more impressive. It offers you the full range of Flickr’s resized images, too. I’m forever swapping between Flickr’s photo pages and blog entries, copying and pasting the relevant HTML, and this saves a fair bit of time.

Also, Edit n Place allows editing of posts directly from the blog, skipping the admin interface. It actually works without making a horrible mess, unlike similar plugins I’ve used before. It interrupts the layout slightly for logged-in administrators, but this can be tweaked by editing the plugin directly (you may also take this opportunity to replace ‘n’ with ‘in’, if you’re anal like me 🙂 ). The only problem I’ve found is that the hidden-to-non-administrators-link seems to be added to trackbacks, but for me its usefulness outweighs that issue. It’s rare that nothing needs fixing / changing after I’ve hit ‘Publish’.