Disney DVD Sadness

I just ducked into HMV to avoid a rainshower – didn’t buy anything, woo! – and was looking at the ‘children’s’ DVD section. As with anything for ‘children’, once the intended age passes ten or so the content becomes equally accessible to all ages. In fact I think that books and films for ‘young adults’ are on average more entertaining than those for the older generation, as they can’t rely on sex / violence to provide plot points, and the story is more thoughtful because of it. There are plenty of films I loved when I was a kid that I still find fantastic. I’d be happy to buy them on DVD, except there’s a problem, and it’s called Disney.

It used to be the case that you would never find the official DVD logo on Disney DVDs. There was a Mickey-Mouse ‘Disney DVD’ logo, but that was all. This was because they would do all sorts of fancy effects with the DVD menus. Some (mostly older, very low-end) DVD players would have trouble playing them, but Disney were covered because they never actually claimed it was a proper DVD. Whether this still happens, I don’t know. I don’t have any Disney DVDs because, and this is my main complaint, the prices are crazy.

The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Lion King, The Emperor’s New Groove, Pinocchio…none of these can be bought for under £19. That may have been reasonable when every other film on the shelf was a similar price, but things have changed. If I want a DVD on release day then I’ll pay £20, but if I’m happy to wait a month or three then the price will normally drop substantially. The thing is, you can’t wait for Disney DVD prices to drop, because they actually are ‘Limited Edition’. Try to buy my favourite animation of all time – Aladdin – on DVD today and you won’t be able to without getting it used or from an Amazon Marketplace supplier who still has stock. Disney just stopped making it. Bastards.

Disney are in the business of making people happy, their films are beloved by millions, yet they screw people for all the money they can get. It’s such a shame.