Can’t sleep. I think I’m still out-of-sync with UK time, and British Summer Time kicking in hasn’t helped matters. Incidentally, did you know there’s an act – The Lighter Evenings Bill – currently in its second reading in Parliament that would abolish this October’s return to GMT1 and take BST two hours ahead of GMT a year from now? Interesting idea.

I’m also kinda worried about our dog, Daisy. She’s been acting very strangely for a couple of days now – unable to settle, panting at times, unsteady on her feet, and more – and at 15 she’s getting fairly old. Hopefully we’ll be able to take her to the vet’s tomorrow. My worries are probably the result of the only two episodes of Animal Hospital I’ve seen, in both of which seemingly healthy dogs entered the vets and never left. Hopefully I’m worrying over nothing.

On a lighter note, I have had some toast. You can’t beat late night toast. It is the best.

  1. the final sentence of that article is “After that the time in the United Kingdom will return to the present time.” Clear. []