BBC News items that made me laugh at 0300

Article: Live sporting events could be screened in 3D in US cinemas by 2007 in a bid boost flagging mid-week ticket sales.
I like the journalism here. 3D how? With polarising glasses? As far as I know, I’m one of about six people on the planet who think that’s fun. I like how the rest of the article skips the 3D aspect, preferring to concentrate on sport in cinemas. It’s a bit like producing an article saying “soldiers on the battlefield will be given invisibility cloaks in a boost to stop them getting shot.” and then discussing how many soldiers get shot. I used to have an invisibility cloak, but I lost it1.

Headline: X Factor losers top album chart
Enough said.

Headline: Sea rise could be ‘catastrophic’.
Not catastrophic. No. ‘catastrophic’. Similarly, sea rise could be ‘belgian’.

Headline: Hundreds turn out for the World Pooh-sticks Championship.
Laughing in happiness, this time. This is just great. I also like that ‘Japan are defending their title’.

Must go to bed. These won’t seem half as funny when I’m awake, I’m sure. Apologies.

  1. not my joke. Stolen from digg. []