Back in Stratford

I’m back! I’ve had two hours of sleep in the last twenty-four, and am somewhat less than lucid. Oh look, ponies.

The flight back was surprisingly comfortable, perhaps because I arrived early and was given one of the first seats. I chatted to the kindly old lady from Poland sitting next to me, and thought for a while that she was worried about the flight. Within moments of taking off, though, she was happily staring out of the window, and we tried to get our bearings. We figured it out once Manhattan came into view:

Manhattan from the air

Sorry for the blur – it was a rather hasty shot.

My TV unit was working on the return flight and I watched The Constant Gardener before catching a couple of hours sleep.

Last time I got back from the US I’d had no sleep at all and collapsed at 1500, breaking my sleep patterns completely for almost three weeks. I’m determined to stay up until a reasonable hour this time.